Our state of the art digital equipment (Awarded the Prestigious Queen’s Award for Excellence in Innovation) can record continuously from 24 to 72 hours. We take pride in our lightweight recording equipment, and in giving your patients a well explained, non invasive experience. We recognize that these studies require a significant time commitment by your patients and our goal is to capture quality data for interpretation. Neurolinear has the capability of viewing real time and or pre recorded data via remote access. If our technologists, (available 24/7) spot trouble arising in a live recording, for example a recording electrode has become loosened, and is not recording properly, we will get a technologist out to fix the issue. These instances are rare, but the troubleshooting capability is there when necessary, so we get the job done right the first time. I hope you will give Neurolinear a chance to show you what we can do for you and your patients.

 Who Are We?

John AndrewsMy name is John Andrews; I am a registered neurodiagnostic technologist with over 2 decades of clinical experience. After graduating from Boston Children’s Hospital Neurodiagnostics Program in 1991 I began working in a busy private neurology practice affiliated with the Harvard teaching hospitals. I worked for the next 12 years alongside one of the father’s of Neurology and pioneers of Epileptology, Dr. Cesare T. Lombroso. I learned an enormous amount about the epilepsies and the epilepsy patient from him, getting the opportunity to see some of the most challenging neurological cases, sent to us from around the world. In 2003 I decided that I would like to work closer to home on the North Shore. I was offered and took a position at North Shore Medical Center. In 2011, I decided that I wanted to add ambulatory Video EEG to my repertoire, so I started Neurolinear Services. I have had the great fortune of having linked up with two of the North Shore’s finest neurologists Dr. Edgar W. Robertson and Dr. Andrew Leader-Cramer who interpret and report on Neurolinear’s ambulatory EEGs.

Our Physicians