What is a Neurolinear aEEG Study?
A Neurolinear AEEG (Ambulatory ElectroEncephaloGram) is a home recording of your brain’s electrical wave forms over a course of 24, 48, or 72 hours.

How does an aEEG work?
The benefit of Neurolinear AEEG is that all recording is done in the comfort of your home. A recording unit, called a head box, is contained in a small light weight pouch and is worn either at the waist or over the shoulder. This unit wirelessly transmits signals to a small recording tablet.

Why has the neurologist asked for video with my Neurolinear aEEG Study?
In addition to your ambulatory EEG, your physician may request portable video, which also wirelessly transmits to the recording tablet. The video captured is time linked to the EEG data being recorded. This is very helpful in determining what occurs during a spell both visually and on EEG. Often times, wave forms captured without video can be interpreted as abnormal, when in fact they are merely movement artifacts, as evi-denced on video. The video recording with continuous EEG is very beneficial for making the most accurate diagnosis.

What preparations should I make before my test?
It is always advisable to have someone accompany you to your appointment, to help you learn about the testing procedure and the equipment you will be taking home. You should arrive with clean hair, free of hair spray, gels, or braids. You should arrive wearing a loose shirt or blouse, which buttons down in the front, so that you may easily change without disturbing the electrodes once at home. Some patients also bring a scarf or soft hat to wear home.

How do I get set up for my test?
You should arrive at your neurologist’s office at the pre-scheduled time. Set up will take approximately one hour. A technologist will secure several tiny electrodes to the scalp using a water soluble paste. Once the electrodes are applied the scalp is gently wrapped in gauze to help keep them in proper placement. A scarf or soft hat can be worn over the gauze wrapping, if so desired.

What do I do if I have questions or problems during my test?
If you have any questions about your test or technical problems with the equipment, please contact the technologist on call at 978-495-2465.